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    call of duty modern warfare 3 multiplayer crack free download Chang HJ, Demiris Y, 2018,

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    nero mit keygen Choi J, Chang HJ, Fischer T, photoshop cs4 mac crack patch Yun S, Lee K, Jeong J, Demiris Y, Choi JYclothes rack cheap as chips, 2018,

    Context-aware Deep Feature Compression for High-speed Visual Tracking

    crack powerdvd 13 ultra We propose a new context-aware correlation filter based tracking framework toachieve both high computational speed and state-of-the-art performance amongreal-time trackers. The major contribution to the high computational speed liesin the proposed deep feature compression that is achieved by a context-awarescheme utilizing multiple expert auto-encoders; a context in our frameworkrefers to the coarse category of the tracking target according to appearancepatterns. In the pre-training phase, one expert auto-encoder is trained percategory. In the tracking phase, the best expert auto-encoder is selected for agiven target, and only this auto-encoder is used. To achieve high trackingperformance with the compressed feature map, we introduce extrinsic denoisingprocesses and a new orthogonality loss term for pre-training and fine-tuning ofthe expert auto-encoders. We validate the proposed context-aware frameworkthrough a number of experiments, where our method achieves a comparableperformance to state-of-the-art trackers which cannot run in real-time, whilerunning at a significantly fast speed of over 100 fps.

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    recovery toolbox for address book crack Cully A, Demiris Y, 2018,

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  • nokia maze lock keygen CONFERENCE PAPER
    crack bolt pc game Fischer T, Chang HJ, Demiris Y, 2018,

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    , Pages: 339-357, ISSN: 0302-9743

    far cry 3 crack only kickass © Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2018. In this work, we consider the problem of robust gaze estimation in natural environments. Large camera-to-subject distances and high variations in head pose and eye gaze angles are common in such environments. This leads to two main shortfalls in state-of-the-art methods for gaze estimation: hindered ground truth gaze annotation and diminished gaze estimation accuracy as image resolution decreases with distance. We first record a novel dataset of varied gaze and head pose images in a natural environment, addressing the issue of ground truth annotation by measuring head pose using a motion capture system and eye gaze using mobile eyetracking glasses. We apply semantic image inpainting to the area covered by the glasses to bridge the gap between training and testing images by removing the obtrusiveness of the glasses. We also present a new real-time algorithm involving appearance-based deep convolutional neural networks with increased capacity to cope with the diverse images in the new dataset. Experiments with this network architecture are conducted on a number of diverse eye-gaze datasets including our own, and in cross dataset evaluations. We demonstrate state-of-the-art performance in terms of estimation accuracy in all experiments, and the architecture performs well even on lower resolution images.

  • cat cracker seminar 2014 CONFERENCE PAPER
    jzk warsztat keygen Fischer T, Demiris Y, 2018,

    A computational model for embodied visual perspective taking: from physical movements to mental simulation

    , Vision Meets Cognition Workshop at CVPR 2018

    asc timetables 2010 crack serial keygen To understand people and their intentions, humans have developed the ability to imagine their surroundings from another visual point of view. This cognitive ability is called perspective taking and has been shown to be essential in child development and social interactions. However, the precise cognitive mechanisms underlying perspective taking remain to be fully understood. Here we present a computa- tional model that implements perspective taking as a mental simulation of the physical movements required to step into the other point of view. The visual percept after each mental simulation step is estimated using a set of forward models. Based on our experimental results, we propose that a visual attention mechanism explains the response times reported in human visual perspective taking experiments. The model is also able to generate several testable predictions to be explored in further neurophysiological studies.

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    como ser un buen cracker Fischer T, Puigbo J-Y, Camilleri D, biggie ten crack commandments instrumental download Nguyen PDH, Moulin-Frier C, Lallee S, Metta G, Prescott TJ, Demiris Y, Verschure PFMJme threadpal keygen, 2018,

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    , FRONTIERS IN ROBOTICS AND AI, Vol: 5, ISSN: 2296-9144
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    gta eflc no cd crack razor Nguyen P, Fischer T, Chang HJ, cracked tv show theories Pattacini U, Metta G, Demiris Ybad cd dvd recovery 4.4 keygen, 2018,

    Transferring visuomotor learning from simulation to the real world for robotics manipulation tasks

    , IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, Publisher: IEEE

    dark mailer professional 3.12 crack Hand-eye coordination is a requirement for many manipulation tasks including grasping and reaching. However, accurate hand-eye coordination has shown to be especially difficult to achieve in complex robots like the iCub humanoid. In this work, we solve the hand-eye coordination task using a visuomotor deep neural network predictor that estimates the arm's joint configuration given a stereo image pair of the arm and the underlying head configuration. As there are various unavoidable sources of sensing error on the physical robot, we train the predictor on images obtained from simulation. The images from simulation were modified to look realistic using an image-to-image translation approach. In various experiments, we first show that the visuomotor predictor provides accurate joint estimates of the iCub's hand in simulation. We then show that the predictor can be used to obtain the systematic error of the robot's joint measurements on the physical iCub robot. We demonstrate that a calibrator can be designed to automatically compensate this error. Finally, we validate that this enables accurate reaching of objects while circumventing manual fine-calibration of the robot.

  • raspberry pi mpeg2 licence keygen CONFERENCE PAPER
    deluxe bori cracker Zolotas M, Elsdon J, Demiris Y, 2018,

    Head-mounted augmented reality for explainable robotic wheelchair assistance

    , IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), Publisher: IEEE

    guild wars 2 serial key generator download Robotic wheelchairs with built-in assistive fea-tures, such as shared control, are an emerging means ofproviding independent mobility to severely disabled individuals.However, patients often struggle to build a mental model oftheir wheelchair’s behaviour under different environmentalconditions. Motivated by the desire to help users bridge thisgap in perception, we propose a novel augmented realitysystem using a Microsoft Hololens as a head-mounted aid forwheelchair navigation. The system displays visual feedback tothe wearer as a way of explaining the underlying dynamicsof the wheelchair’s shared controller and its predicted futurestates. To investigate the influence of different interface designoptions, a pilot study was also conducted. We evaluated theacceptance rate and learning curve of an immersive wheelchairtraining regime, revealing preliminary insights into the potentialbeneficial and adverse nature of different augmented realitycues for assistive navigation. In particular, we demonstrate thatcare should be taken in the presentation of information, witheffort-reducing cues for augmented information acquisition (forexample, a rear-view display) being the most appreciated.

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    dfx version 11.112 crack Chang HJ, Fischer T, Petit M, hieroplayer crack Zambelli M, Demiris Ycricket live links streaming free, 2017,

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    , IEEE Trans Pattern Anal Mach Intell

    download keygen sid retail pro We present a novel framework for finding the kinematic structure correspondences between two articulated objects in videos via hypergraph matching. In contrast to appearance and graph alignment based matching methods, which have been applied among two similar static images, the proposed method finds correspondences between two dynamic kinematic structures of heterogeneous objects in videos. Thus our method allows matching the structure of objects which have similar topologies or motions, or a combination of the two. Our main contributions are summarised as follows: (i)casting the kinematic structure correspondence problem into a hypergraph matching problem by incorporating multi-order similarities with normalising weights, (ii)introducing a structural topology similarity measure by aggregating topology constrained subgraph isomorphisms, (iii)measuring kinematic correlations between pairwise nodes, and (iv)proposing a combinatorial local motion similarity measure using geodesic distance on the Riemannian manifold. We demonstrate the robustness and accuracy of our method through a number of experiments on synthetic and real data, showing that various other recent and state of the art methods are outperformed. Our method is not limited to a specific application nor sensor, and can be used as building block in applications such as action recognition, human motion retargeting to robots, and articulated object manipulation.

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    skp import for autocad keygen Choi J, Chang HJ, Yun S, onone software perfect photo suite 8 crack Fischer T, Demiris Y, Choi JYanyplace control 4.9 crack indir, 2017,

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    , IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, Publisher: IEEE, ISSN: 1063-6919

    jprofiler 7.2.2 crack We propose a new tracking framework with an attentional mechanism that chooses a subset of the associated correlation filters for increased robustness and computational efficiency. The subset of filters is adaptively selected by a deep attentional network according to the dynamic properties of the tracking target. Our contributions are manifold, and are summarised as follows: (i) Introducing the Attentional Correlation Filter Network which allows adaptive tracking of dynamic targets. (ii) Utilising an attentional network which shifts the attention to the best candidate modules, as well as predicting the estimated accuracy of currently inactive modules. (iii) Enlarging the variety of correlation filters which cover target drift, blurriness, occlusion, scale changes, and flexible aspect ratio. (iv) Validating the robustness and efficiency of the attentional mechanism for visual tracking through a number of experiments. Our method achieves similar performance to non real-time trackers, and state-of-the-art performance amongst real-time trackers.

  • brie and crackers CONFERENCE PAPER
    sw kotor 1.3 crack Elsdon J, Demiris Y, 2017,

    Assisted painting of 3D structures using shared control with a hand-held robot

    , IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, Publisher: IEEE

    ea sports fifa 12 v1.2.5 qvga cracked nops apk Abstract— We present a shared control method of painting3D geometries, using a handheld robot which has a singleautonomously controlled degree of freedom. The user scansthe robot near to the desired painting location, the singlemovement axis moves the spray head to achieve the requiredpaint distribution. A simultaneous simulation of the sprayingprocedure is performed, giving an open loop approximationof the current state of the painting. An online prediction ofthe best path for the spray nozzle actuation is calculated ina receding horizon fashion. This is calculated by producing amap of the paint required in the 2D space defined by nozzleposition on the gantry and the time into the future. A directedgraph then extracts its edge weights from this paint density mapand Dijkstra’s algorithm is then used to find the candidate forthe most effective path. Due to the heavy parallelisation of thisapproach and the majority of the calculations taking place on aGPU we can run the prediction loop in 32.6ms for a predictionhorizon of 1 second, this approach is computationally efficient,outperforming a greedy algorithm. The path chosen by theproposed method on average chooses a path in the top 15%of all paths as calculated by exhaustive testing. This approachenables development of real time path planning for assistedspray painting onto complicated 3D geometries. This methodcould be applied to applications such as assistive painting forpeople with disabilities, or accurate placement of liquid whenlarge scale positioning of the head is too expensive.

  • what was in the briefcase in pulp fiction cracked JOURNAL ARTICLE
    laptop screen cracked on the inside Georgiou T, Demiris Y, 2017,

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    , USER MODELING AND USER-ADAPTED INTERACTION, Vol: 27, Pages: 267-311, ISSN: 0924-1868
  • jade empire vitality crack JOURNAL ARTICLE
    prototype crack only razor1911.rar download Korkinof D, Demiris Y, 2017,

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    , PATTERN RECOGNITION, Vol: 66, Pages: 190-201, ISSN: 0031-3203
  • teletu wifi crack JOURNAL ARTICLE
    gta 4 crack pc razor Moulin-Frier C, Fischer T, Petit M, alcohol 120 en español gratis con crack y serial full Pointeau G, Puigbo JY, Pattacini U, Low SC, Camilleri D, Nguyen P, Hoffmann M, Chang HJ, Zambelli M, Mealier AL, Damianou A, Metta G, Prescott TJ, Demiris Y, Dominey PF, Verschure PFMJdr oz cracking knuckles, 2017,

    crack vuon dia dang

    , IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems, ISSN: 2379-8920

    epa dpf delete crackdown This paper introduces a cognitive architecture for a humanoid robot to engage in a proactive, mixed-initiative exploration and manipulation of its environment, where the initiative can originate from both the human and the robot. The framework, based on a biologically-grounded theory of the brain and mind, integrates a reactive interaction engine, a number of state-of-the art perceptual and motor learning algorithms, as well as planning abilities and an autobiographical memory. The architecture as a whole drives the robot behavior to solve the symbol grounding problem, acquire language capabilities, execute goal-oriented behavior, and express a verbal narrative of its own experience in the world. We validate our approach in human-robot interaction experiments with the iCub humanoid robot, showing that the proposed cognitive architecture can be applied in real time within a realistic scenario and that it can be used with naive users.

  • proshow gold software free download with crack CONFERENCE PAPER
    optical flares cs6 keygen mac Yoo Y, Yun S, Chang HJ, scania truck driving simulator keygen Demiris Y, Choi JYflash cs6 keygen password, 2017,

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    , 30th IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), Publisher: IEEE, Pages: 2943-2952, ISSN: 1063-6919
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  • keygen autocad 2010 español 64 bits gratis CONFERENCE PAPER
    the sims 3 how to install expansion packs cracked Zhang F, Cully A, Demiris Y, 2017,

    Personalized Robot-assisted Dressing using User Modeling in Latent Spaces

    , IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), Publisher: IEEE, Pages: 3603-3610, ISSN: 2153-0858
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    false flesh full crack Chang HJ, Fischer T, Petit M, big city adventure san francisco crack free Zambelli M, Demiris Ysam broadcaster studio 2013.3 crack, 2016,

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    , IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, Publisher: IEEE, ISSN: 1063-6919 password crack In this paper, we present a novel framework for finding the kinematic structure correspondence between two objects in videos via hypergraph matching. In contrast to prior appearance and graph alignment based matching methods which have been applied among two similar static images, the proposed method finds correspondences between two dynamic kinematic structures of heterogeneous objects in videos. Our main contributions can be summarised as follows: (i) casting the kinematic structure correspondence problem into a hypergraph matching problem, incorporating multi-order similarities with normalising weights, (ii) a structural topology similarity measure by a new topology constrained subgraph isomorphism aggregation, (iii) a kinematic correlation measure between pairwise nodes, and (iv) a combinatorial local motion similarity measure using geodesic distance on the Riemannian manifold. We demonstrate the robustness and accuracy of our method through a number of experiments on complex articulated synthetic and real data.

  • mcafee full crack CONFERENCE PAPER
    keygen lightroom 4.4 mac Choi J, Chang HJ, Jeong J, la noire keygen tpb Demiris Y, Choi JYsims 3 alle erweiterungen no cd crack, 2016,

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    , 2016 IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), Publisher: IEEE, Pages: 4321-4330, ISSN: 1063-6919
  • como instalar e crackear alh CONFERENCE PAPER
    vpn group password crack Fischer T, Demiris Y, 2016,

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    , 2016 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), Publisher: IEEE, Pages: 3309-3316

    wix crack serial number Perspective taking enables humans to imagine the world from another viewpoint. This allows reasoning about the state of other agents, which in turn is used to more accurately predict their behavior. In this paper, we equip an iCub humanoid robot with the ability to perform visuospatial perspective taking (PT) using a single depth camera mounted above the robot. Our approach has the distinct benefit that the robot can be used in unconstrained environments, as opposed to previous works which employ marker-based motion capture systems. Prior to and during the PT, the iCub learns the environment, recognizes objects within the environment, and estimates the gaze of surrounding humans. We propose a new head pose estimation algorithm which shows a performance boost by normalizing the depth data to be aligned with the human head. Inspired by psychological studies, we employ two separate mechanisms for the two different types of PT. We implement line of sight tracing to determine whether an object is visible to the humans (level 1 PT). For more complex PT tasks (level 2 PT), the acquired point cloud is mentally rotated, which allows algorithms to reason as if the input data was acquired from an egocentric perspective. We show that this can be used to better judge where object are in relation to the humans. The multifaceted improvements to the PT pipeline advance the state of the art, and move PT in robots to markerless, unconstrained environments.

  • x2 no cd crack CONFERENCE PAPER
    fifa 13 crack nosteam Gao Y, Chang HJ, Demiris Y, 2016,

    Personalised assistive dressing by humanoid robots using multi-modal information

    , Workshop on Human-Robot Interfaces for Enhanced Physical Interactions at ICRA

    from dust uplay keygen In this paper, we present an approach to enable a humanoid robot to provide personalised dressing assistance for human users using multi-modal information. A depth sensor is mounted on top of the robot to provide visual information, and the robot end effectors are equipped with force sensors to provide haptic information. We use visual information to model the movement range of human upper-body parts. The robot plans the dressing motions using the movement rangemodels and real-time human pose. During assistive dressing, the force sensors are used to detect external force resistances. We present how the robot locally adjusts its motions based on the detected forces. In the experiments we show that the robot can assist human to wear a sleeveless jacket while reacting tothe force resistances.

  • cod 1 united offensive crack CONFERENCE PAPER
    selber no cd crack erstellen Gao Y, Chang HJ, Demiris Y, 2016,

    Iterative Path Optimisation for Personalised Dressing Assistance using Vision and Force Information

    , IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), Publisher: IEEE, Pages: 4398-4403
  • back at it like a crack addict meaning CONFERENCE PAPER
    healthy crock pot recipes beef stroganoff Georgiou T, Demiris Y, 2016,

    Personalised Track Design in Car Racing Games

    , IEEE Conference on Computational Intelligence and Games (CIG), Publisher: IEEE, ISSN: 2325-4270
  • watch poetic justice on crackle CONFERENCE PAPER
    trimble business center 2.7 keygen Petit M, Demiris Y, 2016,

    Hierarchical Action Learning by Instruction Through Interactive Grounding of Body Parts and Proto-actions

    , IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), Publisher: IEEE, Pages: 3375-3382, ISSN: 1050-4729
  • cracked single pane window JOURNAL ARTICLE
    how to use roller coaster tycoon 2 no cd crack Petit M, Fischer T, Demiris Y, 2016,

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    , IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems, Vol: 8, Pages: 201-213, ISSN: 2379-8920

    bmc cracked Robot systems that interact with humans over extended periods of time will benefit from storing and recalling large amounts of accumulated sensorimotor and interaction data. We provide a principled framework for the cumulative organisation of streaming autobiographical data so that data can be continuously processed and augmented as the processing and reasoning abilities of the agent develop and further interactions with humans take place. As an example, we show how a kinematic structure learning algorithm reasons a-posteriori about the skeleton of a human hand. A partner can be asked to provide feedback about the augmented memories, which can in turn be supplied to the reasoning processes in order to adapt their parameters. We employ active, multi-modal remembering, so the robot as well as humans can gain insights of both the original and augmented memories. Our framework is capable of storing discrete and continuous data in real-time. The data can cover multiple modalities and several layers of abstraction (e.g. from raw sound signals over sentences to extracted meanings). We show a typical interaction with a human partner using an iCub humanoid robot. The framework is implemented in a platform-independent manner. In particular, we validate its multi platform capabilities using the iCub, Baxter and NAO robots. We also provide an interface to cloud based services, which allow automatic annotation of episodes. Our framework is geared towards the developmental robotics community, as it 1) provides a variety of interfaces for other modules, 2) unifies previous works on autobiographical memory, and 3) is licensed as open source software.

  • free download mitcalc crack CONFERENCE PAPER
    huong dan crack game angry birds space Petit M, Fischer T, Demiris Y, 2016,

    Towards the Emergence of Procedural Memories from Lifelong Multi-Modal Streaming Memories for Cognitive Robots

    , Workshop on Machine Learning Methods for High-Level Cognitive Capabilities in Robotics at IEEE/RSJ IROS

    crysis 3 crack elamigos Various research topics are emerging as the demand for intelligent lifelong interactions between robot and humans increases. Among them, we can find the examination of persistent storage, the continuous unsupervised annotation of memories and the usage of data at high-frequency over long periods of time. We recently proposed a lifelong autobiographical memory architecture tackling some of these challenges, allowing the iCub humanoid robot to 1) create new memories for both actions that are self-executed and observed from humans, 2) continuously annotate these actions in an unsupervised manner, and 3) use reasoning modules to augment these memories a-posteriori. In this paper, we present a reasoning algorithm which generalises the robots’ understanding of actions by finding the point of commonalities with the former ones. In particular, we generated and labelled templates of pointing actions in different directions. This represents a first step towards the emergence of a procedural memory within a long-term autobiographical memory framework for robots.

  • how to repair acrylic hot tub cracks CONFERENCE PAPER
    keygen meo thomson Zambelli M, Demiris Y, 2016,

    Multimodal Imitation using Self-learned Sensorimotor Representations

    , IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), Publisher: IEEE, Pages: 3953-3958
  • download windows 8.1 enterprise full crack CONFERENCE PAPER
    crack idm 6.11 cho win 7 32bit Zambelli M, Fischer T, Petit M, comment cracker sa wii 4.3e sans jeu Chang HJ, Cully A, Demiris Yaimersoft video converter 3.1.0 mac crack, 2016,

    Towards Anchoring Self-Learned Representations to Those of Other Agents

    , Workshop on Bio-inspired Social Robot Learning in Home Scenarios IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, Publisher: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

    god of war crack cho mobile In the future, robots will support humans in their every day activities. One particular challenge that robots will face is understanding and reasoning about the actions of other agents in order to cooperate effectively with humans. We propose to tackle this using a developmental framework, where the robot incrementally acquires knowledge, and in particular 1) self-learns a mapping between motor commands and sensory consequences, 2) rapidly acquires primitives and complex actions by verbal descriptions and instructions from a human partner, 3) discoverscorrespondences between the robots body and other articulated objects and agents, and 4) employs these correspondences to transfer the knowledge acquired from the robots point of view to the viewpoint of the other agent. We show that our approach requires very little a-priori knowledge to achieve imitation learning, to find correspondent body parts of humans, and allows taking the perspective of another agent. This represents a step towards the emergence of a mirror neuron like system based on self-learned representations.

  • crack isolation material CONFERENCE PAPER
    bfbc2 keygen exe rar Chang HJ, Demiris Y, 2015,

    Unsupervised Learning of Complex Articulated Kinematic Structures combining Motion and Skeleton Information

    , IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), Publisher: IEEE, Pages: 3138-3146, ISSN: 1063-6919
  • iphoto library manager 3.8.1 keygen CONFERENCE PAPER
    tai win 7 32bit full crack Gao Y, Chang HJ, Demiris Y, 2015,

    User Modelling for Personalised Dressing Assistance by Humanoid Robots

    , IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), Publisher: IEEE, Pages: 1840-1845, ISSN: 2153-0858
  • suns cracking the flags CONFERENCE PAPER
    comment cracker sa psp 3004 facilement Georgiou T, Demiris Y, 2015,

    tuneup 2014 serial key crack

    , Intelligent Vehicles Symposium (IV), Publisher: IEEE, Pages: 1240-1245

    wep crack tutorial windows 7 The ability to predict forthcoming car states is crucial for the development of smart assistance systems. Forthcoming car states do not only depend on vehicle dynamics but also on user behaviour. In this paper, we describe a novel prediction methodology by combining information from both sources - vehicle and user - using Gaussian Processes. We then apply this method in the context of high speed car racing. Results show that the forthcoming position and speed of the car can be predicted with low Root Mean Square Error through the trained model.

  • systools excel to vcard converter v1.3 crack.rar CONFERENCE PAPER
    battlefield 2 cracked servers list Kormushev P, Demiris Y, Caldwell DG, 2015,

    Encoderless Position Control of a Two-Link Robot Manipulator

    , IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), Publisher: IEEE COMPUTER SOC, Pages: 943-949, ISSN: 1050-4729
  • tots els capitols de crackovia CONFERENCE PAPER
    game tan tay du ki crack full Kormushev P, Demiris Y, Caldwell DG, 2015,

    Kinematic-free Position Control of a 2-DOF Planar Robot Arm

    , IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), Publisher: IEEE, Pages: 5518-5525, ISSN: 2153-0858
  • microsoft project 2007 ban crack CONFERENCE PAPER
    how to crack lower back tailbone Kucukyilmaz A, Demiris Y, 2015,

    how to crack winrar password faster

    , International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive Communication (RO-MAN), Publisher: IEEE, Pages: 438-443

    where can i buy milk crackers An emerging research problem in the field of assistive robotics is the design of methodologies that allow robots to provide human-like assistance to the users. Especially within the rehabilitation domain, a grand challenge is to program a robot to mimic the operation of an occupational therapist, intervening with the user when necessary so as to improve the therapeutic power of the assistive robotic system. We propose a method to estimate assistance policies from expert demonstrations to present human-like intervention during navigation in a powered wheelchair setup. For this purpose, we constructed a setting, where a human offers assistance to the user over a haptic shared control system. The robot learns from human assistance demonstrations while the user is actively driving the wheelchair in an unconstrained environment. We train a Gaussian process regression model to learn assistance commands given past and current actions of the user and the state of the environment. The results indicate that the model can estimate human assistance after only a single demonstration, i.e. in one-shot, so that the robot can help the user by selecting the appropriate assistance in a human-like fashion.

  • cracked steam june 2013 download JOURNAL ARTICLE
    ac3 update 1.03 crack .rar download Lee K, Ognibene D, Chang HJ, calgary rack attack Kim T-K, Demiris Ycummins insite 7.6.1 with keygen and caltherm, 2015, pro ipa cracked

  • repairing cracked screen on iphone 5 CONFERENCE PAPER
    clip studio paint serial keygen Sarabia M, Lee K, Demiris Y, 2015,

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    , IEEE International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive Communication (RO-MAN), Publisher: IEEE, Pages: 715-721

    download game thuong co ky duyen crack We present an adaptive musical collaboration framework for interaction between a human and a robot. The aim of our work is to develop a system that receives feedback from the user in real time and learns the music progression style of the user over time. To tackle this problem, we represent a song as a hierarchically structured sequence of music primitives. By exploiting the sequential constraints of these primitives inferred from the structural information combined with user feedback, we show that a robot can play music in accordance with the user’s anticipated actions. We use Stochastic Context-Free Grammars augmented with the knowledge of the learnt user’s preferences.We provide synthetic experiments as well as a pilot study with a Baxter robot and a tangible music table. The synthetic results show the synchronisation and adaptivity features of our framework and the pilot study suggest these are applicable to create an effective musical collaboration experience.

  • mot de passe keygen generator JOURNAL ARTICLE
    minecraft cracked ipa Soh H, Demiris Y, 2015,

    adobe fireworks cs6 serial number keygen

    , IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, Vol: 26, Pages: 522-536, ISSN: 2162-237X

    ddr removable media serial crack Successful biological systems adapt to change. In this paper, we are principally concerned with adaptive systems that operate in environments where data arrives sequentially and is multivariate in nature, for example, sensory streams in robotic systems. We contribute two reservoir inspired methods: 1) the online echostate Gaussian process (OESGP) and 2) its infinite variant, the online infinite echostate Gaussian process (OIESGP) Both algorithms are iterative fixed-budget methods that learn from noisy time series. In particular, the OESGP combines the echo-state network with Bayesian online learning for Gaussian processes. Extending this to infinite reservoirs yields the OIESGP, which uses a novel recursive kernel with automatic relevance determination that enables spatial and temporal feature weighting. When fused with stochastic natural gradient descent, the kernel hyperparameters are iteratively adapted to better model the target system. Furthermore, insights into the underlying system can be gleamed from inspection of the resulting hyperparameters. Experiments on noisy benchmark problems (one-step prediction and system identification) demonstrate that our methods yield high accuracies relative to state-of-the-art methods, and standard kernels with sliding windows, particularly on problems with irrelevant dimensions. In addition, we describe two case studies in robotic learning-by-demonstration involving the Nao humanoid robot and the Assistive Robot Transport for Youngsters (ARTY) smart wheelchair.

  • crack locklizard pdc CONFERENCE PAPER
    crack widi recognition system 4.1 professional Zambelli M, Demiris Y, 2015,

    Online Ensemble Learning of Sensorimotor Contingencies

    , Workshop on Sensorimotor Contingencies For Robotics at IROS

    data center kw per rack Forward models play a key role in cognitive agents by providing predictions of the sensory consequences of motor commands, also known as sensorimotor contingencies (SMCs). In continuously evolving environments, the ability to anticipate is fundamental in distinguishing cognitive from reactive agents, and it is particularly relevant for autonomous robots, that must be able to adapt their models in an online manner. Online learning skills, high accuracy of the forward models and multiple-step-ahead predictions are needed to enhance the robots’ anticipation capabilities. We propose an online heterogeneous ensemble learning method for building accurate forward models of SMCs relating motor commands to effects in robots’ sensorimotor system, in particular considering proprioception and vision. Our method achieves up to 98% higher accuracy both in short and long term predictions, compared to single predictors and other online and offline homogeneous ensembles. This method is validated on two different humanoid robots, namely the iCub and the Baxter.

  • za sto sluzi crack JOURNAL ARTICLE
    keygen para spore creature creator Demiris Y, Aziz-Zadeh L, Bonaiuto J, 2014,

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    , Neuroinformatics, Vol: 12, Pages: 63-91, ISSN: 1539-2791

    crack transmac 10.4 The mirror neuron system in primates matches observations of actions with the motor representations used for their execution, and is a topic of intense research and debate in biological and computational disciplines. In robotics, models of this system have been used for enabling robots to imitate and learn how to perform tasks from human demonstrations. Yet, existing computational and robotic models of these systems are found in multiple levels of description, and although some models offer plausible explanations and testable predictions, the difference in the granularity of the experimental setups, methodologies, computational structures and selected modeled data make principled meta-analyses, common in other fields, difficult. In this paper, we adopt an interdisciplinary approach, using the BODB integrated environment in order to bring together several different but complementary computational models, by functionally decomposing them into brain operating principles (BOPs) which each capture a limited subset of the model’s functionality. We then explore links from these BOPs to neuroimaging and neurophysiological data in order to pinpoint complementary and conflicting explanations and compare predictions against selected sets of neurobiological data. The results of this comparison are used to interpret mirror system neuroimaging results in terms of neural network activity, evaluate the biological plausibility of mirror system models, and suggest new experiments that can shed light on the neural basis of mirror systems.

  • drum backing beats JOURNAL ARTICLE
    tomtom 6 and tomtom go keygen Ros R, Baroni I, Demiris Y, 2014,

    pixelmator 2.0.5 keygen

    , Robotics and Autonomous Systems, Vol: 62, Pages: 707-720, ISSN: 1872-793X

    crack claw We explore the potential for humanoid robots to interact with children in a dance activity. In this context, the robot plays the role of an instructor to guide the child through several dance moves to learn a dance phrase. We participated in 30 dance sessions in schools to study human–human interaction between children and a human dance teacher, and to identify the applied methodologies. Based on the strategies observed, both social and task-dependent, we implemented a robotic system capable of autonomously instructing dance sequences to children while displaying basic social cues to engage the child in the task. Experiments were performed in a hospital with the Nao robot interacting with 12 children through multiple encounters, when possible (18 sessions, 236 min). Observational analysis through video recordings and survey evaluations were used to assess the quality of interaction. Moreover, we introduce an involvement measure based on the aggregation of observed behavioral cues to assess the level of interest in the interaction through time. The analysis revealed high levels of involvement, while highlighting the need for further research into social engagement and adaptation with robots over repeated sessions.

  • teracopy pro cracked CONFERENCE PAPER
    sono cracking technology Ros R, Coninx A, Demiris Y, ssid para router keygen Patsis G, Enescu V, Sahli Hhospital hustle game crack, 2014,

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    , International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction, Publisher: ACM/IEEE, Pages: 278-279

    live cricket score india vs australia 4th odi match We report first results on children adaptive behavior towards a dance tutoring robot. We can observe that children behavior rapidly evolves through few sessions in order to accommodate with the robotic tutor rhythm and instructions.

  • home depot closet shoe rack JOURNAL ARTICLE
    keygen sony vegas 9.0e Soh H, Demiris Y, 2014,

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    , IEEE Transactions on Haptics, Vol: 7, Pages: 512-525, ISSN: 1939-1412

    lucius pc crack only Human beings not only possess the remarkable ability to distinguish objects through tactile feedback but are further able to improve upon recognition competence through experience. In this work, we explore tactile-based object recognition with learners capable of incremental learning. Using the sparse online infinite Echo-State Gaussian process (OIESGP), we propose and compare two novel discriminative and generative tactile learners that produce probability distributions over objects during object grasping/ palpation. To enable iterative improvement, our online methods incorporate training samples as they become available. We also describe incremental unsupervised learning mechanisms, based on novelty scores and extreme value theory, when teacher labels are not available. We present experimental results for both supervised and unsupervised learning tasks using the iCub humanoid, with tactile sensors on its five-fingered anthropomorphic hand, and 10 different object classes. Our classifiers perform comparably to state-of-the-art methods (C4.5 and SVM classifiers) and findings indicate that tactile signals are highly relevant for making accurate object classifications. We also show that accurate “early” classifications are possible using only 20-30 percent of the grasp sequence. For unsupervised learning, our methods generate high quality clusterings relative to the widely-used sequential k-means and self-organising map (SOM), and we present analyses into the differences between the approaches.

  • stcc the game 2 crack for pc CONFERENCE PAPER
    game my farm life full crack Su Y, Dong W, Wu Y, real steel wrb android crack Du Z, Demiris Yfree download cursorfx 2.0 plus crack, 2014,

    Increasing the Accuracy and the Repeatability of Position Control for Micromanipulations Using Heteroscedastic Gaussian Processes

    , IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), Publisher: IEEE, Pages: 4692-4698, ISSN: 1050-4729
  • how to fix a small crack in my radiator JOURNAL ARTICLE
    batman origins crack fix Wu Y, Su Y, Demiris Y, 2014,

    que aportaciones hicieron watson y crick

    , Robotics and Autonomous Systems, Vol: 62, Pages: 1517-1530

    minecraft cracked 1.7.9 launcher Robot learning by demonstration is key to bringing robots into daily social environments to interact with and learn from human and other agents. However, teaching a robot to acquire new knowledge is a tedious and repetitive process and often restrictive to a specific setup of the environment. We propose a template-based learning framework for robot learning by demonstration to address both generalisation and adaptability. This novel framework is based upon a one-shot learning model integrated with spectral clustering and an online learning model to learn and adapt actions in similar scenarios. A set of statistical experiments is used to benchmark the framework components and shows that this approach requires no extensive training for generalisation and can adapt to environmental changes flexibly. Two real-world applications of an iCub humanoid robot playing the tic-tac-toe game and soldering a circuit board are used to demonstrate the relative merits of the framework.

  • iphone screen cracked applecare plus JOURNAL ARTICLE
    kozacy 2 crack download Belpaeme T, Baxter PE, Read R, vista crack download paradox Wood R, Cuayáhuitl H, Kiefer B, Racioppa S, Kruijff-Korbayová I, Athanasopoulos G, Enescu V, Looije R, Neerincx M, Demiris Y, Ros-Espinoza R, Beck A, Cañamero L, Hiolle A, Lewis M, Baroni I, Nalin M, Cosi P, Paci G, Tesser F, Sommavilla G, Humbert Rhuong dan crack aiseesoft total video converter, 2013,

    sro mbot crack indir

    , Journal of Human-Robot Interaction, Vol: 1, Pages: 33-53

    metal slug keygen pc For robots to interact effectively with human users they must be capable of coordinated, timely behavior in response to social context. The Adaptive Strategies for Sustainable Long-Term Social Interaction (ALIZ-E) project focuses on the design of long-term, adaptive social interaction between robots and child users in real-world settings. In this paper, we report on the iterative approach taken to scientific and technical developments toward this goal: advancing individual technical competen- cies and integrating them to form an autonomous robotic system for evaluation “in the wild.” The first evaluation iterations have shown the potential of this methodology in terms of adaptation of the robot to the interactant and the resulting influences on engagement. This sets the foundation for an ongoing research program that seeks to develop technologies for social robot companions.

  • crack gfi languard 2014 JOURNAL ARTICLE
    ni akoustik piano keygen Chatzis S, Demiris Y, 2013,

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    , IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, Vol: 6, Pages: 1523-1534, ISSN: 0162-8828

    cars toon crack no cd Sequential data labeling is a fundamental task in machine learning applications, with speech and natural language processing, activity recognition in video sequences, and biomedical data analysis being characteristic examples, to name just a few. The conditional random field (CRF), a log-linear model representing the conditional distribution of the observation labels, is one of the most successful approaches for sequential data labeling and classification, and has lately received significant attention in machine learning as it achieves superb prediction performance in a variety of scenarios. Nevertheless, existing CRF formulations can capture only one- or few-timestep interactions and neglect higher order dependences, which are potentially useful in many real-life sequential data modeling applications. To resolve these issues, in this paper we introduce a novel CRF formulation, based on the postulation of an energy function which entails infinitely long time-dependences between the modeled data. Building blocks of our novel approach are: 1) the sequence memoizer (SM), a recently proposed nonparametric Bayesian approach for modeling label sequences with infinitely long time dependences, and 2) a mean-field-like approximation of the model marginal likelihood, which allows for the derivation of computationally efficient inference algorithms for our model. The efficacy of the so-obtained infinite-order CRF model is experimentally demonstrated.

  • sonny crockett ferrari CONFERENCE PAPER
    cracker barrel locations map florida Korkinof D, Demiris Y, 2013,

    Online Quantum Mixture Regression for Trajectory Learning by Demonstration

    , IROS 2013, Publisher: IEEE, Pages: 3222-3229

    iq cracked screen descargar In this work, we present the online Quantum Mixture Model (oQMM), which combines the merits of quan- tum mechanics and stochastic optimization. More specifically it allows for quantum effects on the mixture states, which in turn become a superposition of conventional mixture states. We propose an efficient stochastic online learning algorithm based on the online Expectation Maximization (EM), as well as a generation and decay scheme for model components. Our method is suitable for complex robotic applications, where data is abundant or where we wish to iteratively refine our model and conduct predictions during the course of learning. With a synthetic example, we show that the algorithm can achieve higher numerical stability. We also empirically demonstrate the efficacy of our method in well-known regression benchmark datasets. Under a trajectory Learning by Demonstration setting we employ a multi-shot learning application in joint angle space, where we observe higher quality of learning and reproduction. We compare against popular and well-established methods, widely adopted across the robotics community.

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    gta san andreas crack pc only Korkinof D, Demiris Y, 2013,

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    , International Conference on Intelligent Systems and Robots (IROS), Publisher: IEEE, Pages: 3222-3229, ISSN: 2153-0858

    how to change cracked glass on iphone 3gs In this work, we present the online Quantum Mixture Model (oQMM), which combines the merits of quantum mechanics and stochastic optimization. More specifically it allows for quantum effects on the mixture states, which in turn become a superposition of conventional mixture states. We propose an efficient stochastic online learning algorithm based on the online Expectation Maximization (EM), as well as a generation and decay scheme for model components. Our method is suitable for complex robotic applications, where data is abundant or where we wish to iteratively refine our model and conduct predictions during the course of learning. With a synthetic example, we show that the algorithm can achieve higher numerical stability. We also empirically demonstrate the efficacy of our method in well-known regression benchmark datasets. Under a trajectory Learning by Demonstration setting we employ a multi-shot learning application in joint angle space, where we observe higher quality of learning and reproduction. We compare against popular and well-established methods, widely adopted across the robotics community.

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    what happens if you crack your knuckles everyday Lee K, Su Y, Kim T-K, game pipo crack kich hoat Demiris Ydmc devil may cry crack only download, 2013,

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    , ROBOTICS AND AUTONOMOUS SYSTEMS, Vol: 61, Pages: 1323-1334, ISSN: 0921-8890
  • splinter cell conviction multiplayer crack fix JOURNAL ARTICLE
    hung bia crack sms Ognibene D, Chinellato E, Sarabia M, 100 milliliters equals how many liters Demiris Ylaca de uñas crackle, 2013,

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    , Bioinspiration & Biomimetics, Vol: 8

    ratchet and clank a crack in time gold bolt krell canyon Exploratory gaze movements are fundamental for gathering the most relevant information regarding the partner during social interactions. Inspired by the cognitive mechanisms underlying human social behaviour, we have designed and implemented a system for a dynamic attention allocation which is able to actively control gaze movements during a visual action recognition task exploiting its own action execution predictions. Our humanoid robot is able, during the observation of a partner's reaching movement, to contextually estimate the goal position of the partner's hand and the location in space of the candidate targets. This is done while actively gazing around the environment, with the purpose of optimizing the gathering of information relevant for the task. Experimental results on a simulated environment show that active gaze control, based on the internal simulation of actions, provides a relevant advantage with respect to other action perception approaches, both in terms of estimation precision and of time required to recognize an action. Moreover, our model reproduces and extends some experimental results on human attention during an action perception.

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