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OPAL Reports

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sms cua gai crack Report on outcomes of OPAL-UK, latest results of national surveys, lessons learnt and OPAL's vision for the future.

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halo 1 pc online crack A major report documenting findings from the first five years of the OPAL project.

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Information on the second and third national surveys, OPAL Community Champions and OPAL's work with natural history societies.

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Information on OPAL's launch at the Natural History Museum, the first national survey and the work of the National Centres and regions.


  • Neil L. Rose,, Simon D. Turner, Handong Yang, Congqiao Yang, Charlotte Hall, Stuart Harrad, crack train simulator 2014 chomikuj, (2018), Environ Geochem Health
  • N. A. Welden, P. A. Wolseley and M. R. Ashmore, cracked android apps forum, (2017) Environmental Pollution
  • S. D. Turner, N. L. Rose, B. Goldsmith, J. M. Bearcock, C. Scheib & H. Yang, fly simulator 2013 crackvnes crack cho s60v2 , (2017), Environmental Monitoring and Assessmenta pdf restrictions remover 1.6.9 crack , ktm cargo rack 189:241
  • Riesch, H., Potter, C., Davies, L., fastgsm dbx client 2.3.0 crack, (2017), Bulletin of Science, Technology and Society, pp. 1-129
  • Linda Davies, Roger Fradera, Hauke Riesch and Poppy Lakeman-Fraser, bvs solitaire collection 7.3 crack, (2016), BMC Ecology
  • Glyn Everett and Hilary Geoghegan, crack radmin 3.4 free, (2016), BMC Ecology
  • N L. Rose, S. D. Turner, B. Goldsmith, L. Gosling and T. A. Davidson, morphvox pro 4.4.7 keygen, (2016), BMC Ecology
  • Laura Gosling, Tim H. Sparks, Yoseph Araya, Martin Harvey and Janice Ansine, crack para autocad 2012 32 bits, (2016), BMC Ecology
  • Poppy Lakeman-Fraser, Laura Gosling, Andy J. Moffat, Sarah E. West, Roger Fradera, Linda Davies, Maxwell, A. Ayamba and René van der Wal, razor1911 sims 3 keygen not working, (2016), BMC Ecology
  • Bates, A. J., Fraser, P. L., Robinson, L., Tweddle, J. C., Sadler, J. P., West, S. E., ... & Davies, L. (2015). The OPAL bugs count survey: exploring the effects of urbanisation and habitat characteristics using citizen science. Urban Ecosystems, 1-21. long tail pro crack blackhat
  • Stagg, Bethan C., Donkin, Maria E. (2015) Mnemonics are an Effective Tool for Adult Beginners Learning Plant Identification. Journal of Biological Education. source cydia bridge cracked
  • Stagg, Bethan C., Donkin, Maria E., Smith, Alison M. (2014) Bryophytes for Beginners: The usability of a printed dichotomous key versus a multi-access computer-based key for bryophyte identification. Journal of Biological Education. k cup display rack
  • Stagg, Bethan C., Donkin, Maria E. (2016) Apps for angiosperms: the usability of mobile computers and printed field guides for UK wild flower and winter tree identification. Journal of Biological Education. download usb safeguard 6.0 crack
  • van der Wal, R., Anderson, H., Robinson, A., Sharma, N., Mellish, C., Roberts, S., ... & Siddharthan, A. (2015). Mapping species distributions: A comparison of skilled naturalist and lay citizen science recording. Ambio44(4), 584-600. autocad 2006 keygen by again request code
  • Yanga, C., Harrada, S., Abou-Elwafa Abdallahb, M., Desborougha, J., Rose, N.L., Turner, S.D., Davidson, T.A., Goldsmith, B (2014) Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) in English freshwater lakes, 2008–2012. Chemosphere 110:  41–47 kis 2013 keygen rar
  • Bone, J., Barraclough, D., Eggleton, P., Head, M., Jones, D.T., Voulvoulis, N. (2014) Prioritising Soil Quality Assessment Through the Screening of Sites: the Use of Publicly Collected Data. Land Degradation and Development. In Press Accepted. mit cracked minecraft auf premium server
  • Riesch, H.  and Potter, C.  (2014). Citizen science as seen by scientists: Methodological, epistemological and ethical dimensions. Public Understanding of Science, 23 (1).  pp. 107 - 120. rockman x8 full crack fshare
  • Ryder, C.L., and Toumi, R. An urban solar flux island: Measurements from London Atmospheric Environment 45 (2011) 3414-3423. vreveal crack
  • Seed, L., Wolseley, P., Gosling, L., Davies, L., Power, S.A. (2013) Modelling relationships between lichen bioindicators, air quality and climate on a national scale: Results from the UK OPAL air survey. Environmental Pollution. (In press). download zemax crack DOI: 10.1016/j.envpol.2013.07.045
  • Ahmad, M.N., Bujer, P., Khalid, S., Van Den Berg, L., Shah, H.U., Wahid, A., Emberson, L., Power, S.A., Ashmore, M. (2013), comment cracker sa psp street Effects of ozone on crops in north-west Pakistan, Environmental Pollution 174: 244-9. cracker dizionario 
  • Fowler, A., Whyatt, J.D., Davies, G. and Ellis, R., 2013. How Reliable are Citizen‐Derived Scientific Data? Assessing the Quality of Contrail Observations Made by the General Public. Transactions in GIS, 17(4), pp.488-506. keygen motion studio 3d
  • Stagg, Bethan C., Donkin, Maria E. (2013) Teaching botanical identification to adults: experiences of the UK participatory science project ‘Open Air Laboratories’. Journal of Biological Education. photoshop cs6 crack only tpb
  • Lee, M. and Power, S.A. (2013). Direct and indirect effects of roads and road vehicles on the plant community composition of calcareous grasslands. Environmental Pollution. 176: 106- 113. clear crackle glassware
  • Tregidgoa, D.J., West, S.E. and M.R. Ashmore (2013).  Can citizen science produce good science? Testing the OPAL Air Survey methodology, using lichens as indicators of nitrogenous pollution. Environmental Pollution. Elsevier. chat ola da crack
  • Tripp, E. J., Crittenden, P. D. & Eichhorn, M. P. (2012). Plant diversity of a lowland heathland site on Lundy. Journal of the Lundy Field Society, 3: 33-40
  • Bone, J., Archer, M., Barraclough, D., Eggleton, P., Flight, D., Head, M., Jones, D.T., Scheib, C., Voulvoulis, N. (2012) Public participation in soil surveys: lessons from a pilot study in England. Environmental Science and Technology, 46 (7), 3687–3696. microsoft office 2013 crack activator toolkit new
  • Hale J.D., Fairbrass A.J., Matthews T.J. & Sadler J.P. (2012) Habitat composition and connectivity predicts bat presence and activity at foraging sites in a large UK conurbation. Plos One 7: e33300. meuble crack belgique
  • Lee, M., Davies, L. and Power, S.A. (2012). Effects of roads on adjacent plant community composition and ecosystem function: an example from three calcareous ecosystems. Environmental Pollution. 163: 273-280. cracked atlauncher download
  • Hobbs, S. J., White, P. C. L. (2012). Motivations and barriers in relation to community participation in biodiversity recording. Journal for Nature Conservation. Volume 20, Issue 6, December 2012, Pages 364-373, ISSN 1617-1381, e kundli 2009 dongle crack DOI:10.1016/j.jnc.2012.08.002
  • Bates A.J., Sadler J.P., Fairbrass A.J., Falk S.J., Hale J.D. & Matthews T.J. (2011) Changing Bee and Hoverfly Pollinator Assemblages along an Urban-Rural Gradient. Plos One 6(8): e23459. how to crack a nos canister
  • Bone, J., Head, M., Jones, D.T., Barraclough, D., Archer, M., Scheib, C., Flight, D., Eggleton, P., Voulvoulis, N. (2011) From Chemical Risk Assessment to Environmental Quality Management: The Challenge for Soil Protection. Environmental Science and Technology, Environmental Policy: Past, Present, and Future Special Issue, 45 (1), 104-110. adobe photoshop cs6 crack mac
  • Davies, L. Bell, J.N. Bone, J. Head, M. Hill, L. Howard, C., Hobbs, S.J. Jones, D.T. Power, S.A. Rose, N. Ryder, C. Seed, L. Stevens, G. Toumi, R. Voulvoulis, N. White, P.C. (2011) Open Air Laboratories (OPAL): a community-driven research programme. Environmental Pollution, 159, 2203-2210. crack of yak
  • Donovan, S.M. Skartsila, A.M. Head, M. K. and Voulvoulis N. (2011) An Initial Investigation into the Use of a Flux Chamber Technique to Measure Soil-Atmosphere Gas Exchanges from Application of Biosolids to UK Soils. Applied and Environmental Soil Science. 2011: 10 pages. dbf to xls crack
  • Bone, J., Head, M.K., Jones, D.T., Barraclough, D., Archer, M., Scheib, C., Flight, D., Eggleton, P., Voulvoulis, N. (2010) Soil Quality Assessment Under Emerging Regulatory Requirements. Environment International, 36 (6), 609-622. generals zh crack no cd
  • Desborough, J., Harrad, S., Abdallah, M. A-E. (2010) An overview of contamination of the UK environment with HBCD and its degradation products. Organohalogen Compounds 72: 193-196.
  • Lee, M., Manning, P., Rist, J.,Powerm S.A. and Marsh, C. (2010) A global comparison of grassland biomass responses to CO2 and nitrogen enrichment. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B. 365: 2047-2056. smoke crack inhale
  • Harrad, S., Abdallah, M. A-E., Rose, N.L., Turner, S.D. & Davidson, T.A. (2009). Current-use brominated flame retardants in water, sediment and fish from English lakes. Environmental Science & Technology 43: 9077 – 9083. crack geovision 7.05

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Book chapters

darkorbit bot crack lf4 script 2013 Sadler, J.P., Bates, A.J., Donovan, R. & Bodnar, S. (2011) Building for Biodiversity: accommodating people and wildlife in cities. In Niemela, J., Elmqvist, T., James, P. (eds.). Urban Ecology: Patterns, Processes, and Applications. Oxford University Press, pp.286-296 . Oxford. ISBN : 9780199563562

significato crack spagnolo Sadler J., Bates A., Hale J., James P. 2010. Bringing cities alive: the importance of urban green spaces for pe ople and biodiversity 230-260 in Gaston KJ (ed.). Urban Ecology. Cambridge University Pre ss, 318pp. ISBN: 9780521760973

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Other publications

pro tools 10.3 ilok crack mac There are a number of other publications which contain material about OPAL including:


infinite cracked red eye orbs Biodiversity Solutions. 2010. Involving People in Biological Recording. Scottish Natural Heritage Commissioned Report No. 382. Available from: download crack idm.exe 6.12

bejeweled 3 cracked full version Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) (2012), Interim Chalara Control P lan, 6 December 2012. Available from: gerix wifi cracker ng deb

crack do apostolowie swiete ziemie House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee (2010). Halting Biodiversity Loss. HC 743, Thirteenth Report of Session 2007-08 - Report, Together with Formal Minutes, Oral and Written Evidence. The Stationary Office. UK. ISBN: 9780215524843. Available from keygen nod32 antivirus v6

portrait professional free download full version 9 crack Jeffery, S. Gardi, C. Jones, A. Montan arella, L. Marmo, L. Miko, L. Ritz, K. Peres, G. Römbke J. van der Putten, W. H. (eds.), 2010, European Atlas of Soil Biodiversity. European Commission, Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg. ISBN: 9789279158063 Available from: elsawin 4.0 crack

descargar bb screen keygen Robinson, F. Zass-Ogilvie, I. (2012) Hudson, R. How Can Universities Support Disadvantaged Communities? Joseph Rowntree Foundation. UK. Available from: helicon focus serial keygen

game nguoi nhen crack cho dien thoai Roy, H.E., Pocock, M.J.O., Preston, C.D., Roy, D.B., Savage, J., Tweddle, J.C. & Robinson, L.D. (2012) Understanding Citizen Science & Environmental Monitoring. Final Report on behalf of UK-EOF. NERC Centre for Ecology & Hydrology and Natural History Museum. Available from: a time before crack shabazz

sky über satellit cracken Turner, S., Rose, N., Goldsmith, B., Harrad, S., Davidson, T. (2013) OPAL Water Centre: Monitoring Report 2008-2012. Open Air Laboratories.


descargar keygen para juego avatar pc Batty, L.C.; Hallberg, K.B. (eds.) (2010) Ecology of Industrial Pollution. Cambridge University Press. UK ISBN:9780521514460

molebox virtualization solution 4.5235 crack Muller, N. Werner, P. Kelcey, J. G. (2010) Urban Biodiversity and Design. Wiley Blackwell. UK ISBN: 1444332678

tai muvizu full crack Hemming, H. (2011) Together: How Small Groups Achieve Big Things. John Murray, UK. ISBN: 9781848540552

lac viet full crack free download New, T.M. (2012) Insect Conservation: Past, Present and Prospects. Springer, UK. ISBN: 9400729626

vso downloader keygen Waite, S. (2011) Children Learning Outside the Classroom: From Birth to Eleven. SAGE. UK. ISBN: 9780857020482

candy crush saga crack version download Bowater, L. Yeoman, K. (2012) Science Communication: A Practical Guide for Scientists. Wiley and Sons. UK. ISBN: 9781119993124

crack xlstoora Parker, S. (2010) Museum of Life. Natural History Museum, UK. ISBN: 056509260X

Journal Articles

download anybizsoft pdf to word converter 3.0.0 full crack Aanensen, D.M. Huntley, D.M. Feil, E.J. al-Own, F. Spratt, B.G. (2009) EpiCollect: Linking Smartphones to Web Applications for Epidemiology, Ecology and Community Data Collection. PLoS ONE 4(9): e6968. cod bo2 skidrow crack only

how to extract mount and crack pc games Coffey, H. M. P., Fahrig, L. (2012), Relative effects of vehicle pollution, moisture and colonization sources on urban lichens. Journal of Applied Ecology, 49: 1467–1474. royal vkb nut cracker

photoshop crack cs6 youtube Everard, M. Fletcher, M.S. Powell, A. Dobson, M.K. (2011) The Feasibility of Developing Multi-Taxa Indicators for Landscape Scale Assessment of Freshwater Systems. Freshwater Reviews, 4(1):1-19. vaysoft ppt to exe crack

crack o keygen para corel x5 Giannachi, G. (2012) Representing, Performing and Mitigating Climate Change in Contemporary Art Practice, Leonardo, Vol. 45, No. 2 , Pages 124-131. crack pyrit

crack fix fifa 14 skidrow Mackechnie, C. Maskell, L. Norton, L. Roy, D. (2011) The role of ‘Big Society’ in monitoring the state of the natural environment. Journal of Environmental Monitoring, 10(13), 2687-2691 starcraft 2 heart of the swarm reloaded crack download

steam cracking of naphtha in packed bed reactors Palmer Fry, B. Community forest monitoring in REDD+: the ‘M’ in MRV? (2011) Environmental Science & Policy, Volume 14, Issue 2, Pages 181-187, ISSN 1462-9011, proshow gold keygen download free

navigon usa 2.1 ipa cracked Scanlon, E.(2011) Open science: trends in the development of science learning. Open Learning: The Journal of Open, Distance and e-Learning Vol. 26, Iss. 2, pdanet full crack v3.50

download crack need for speed most wanted pc gratis Siddharthan, A. Mellish, C. Nguyen, H. Zeng, C. Pearce, I. Van Der Wal, R. Tell me a story about the birds and the bees: Using NLG to foster public engagement in nature conservation projects . In Proc. Digital Engagement '11 (Digital Economy All Hands Conference).

descargar crack de test drive unlimited 1 pc Silvertown, J. (2009) A new dawn for citizen science, Trends in Ecology & Evolution, Volume 24, Issue 9, September 2009, Pages 467-471, ISSN 0169-5347, crack pdf2dwg 3.0.

PhD theses

keygen mixcraft 6 union Bone, J. (2012) Environmental quality management for soil protection: the role of citizen science in the process. Ph.D. Thesis. Imperial College London: UK.

edp 4 crack Carne, D. (2013) A comparison of carbon sequestration potential and photosynthetic efficiency in evergreen and deciduous oaks g rowing in contrasting environments in the Southwest UK.  Ph.D. Thesis. Plymouth University: UK.

keygen for photoshop cs5.1 extended Giannakopoulou, M.E. (2012) Land–Boundary Layer&ndas h;Sea Interactions in the Middle East.  Ph.D. Thesis. Imperial College London : UK.

fl studio 8 full mas crack Hackling, J. (2013) The future of amateur natural history societies in England. Ph.D. Thesis. University of Central Lancashire: UK.

comment hacker une wii sans carte sd Hall, C. (2013) Trace metal contamination in lakes and ponds in London. Ph.D. Thesis. University College London: UK.

descargar crack para bus driver gold Hobbs, S. (2012) Community participation in biodiversity monitoring. Ph.D. Thesis. University of York: UK.

crack para madden 2004 Lee, M. (2012) A ir Pollution and Climate Change Effects on Grassland Ecosystems. Ph.D. Thesis. Imperial College London: UK.

crack para 18 wheels of steel pedal to the metal 1.07 Rosenfeld, E. (2012) Assessing the e cological significance of linkage and connectivity for avian biodiversity in urban areas. Ph.D. Thesis. University of Birmingham: UK.

nabiha more cracks 2011 Tripp, E. (2012) Local and regional determinants of heathland composition and the likely direction of future change. Ph.D. Thesis. University of Nottingham: UK.

adobe flash pro cs6 keygen download West, S. (2013) Evaluation of environmental education. Ph.D. Thesis. University of York: UK.

enemy territory quake wars online crack Whitelaw, M. (2012) Diversity and distribution of epiphytic bryophytes in apple orchards: Relationship with tree and substrate variables. Ph.D. Thesis. University of Hertfordshire: UK.