What is your current role?

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  • Design and manufacture rigs, fixtures and other experimental equipment
  • Technical support as part of team to research groups

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"The work I do is like a kind of technical consultancy. A researcher might come up with an idea, but it’s my role to research it, design something that will work and then manufacture it."


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How did you get there?
 Imperial College London  Apprentice  4 years
 Pobjoy Mint Ltd  Machinist  1 year
 Imperial College London, Mechanical Engineering  Technician, Strength of Materials Group  3 years
 Tarlow Engineering Ltd  Toolmaker/Machinist  3 years
 Imperial College London, Aeronautics  Technician  3.5 years
 Imperial College London, Physics  Technician, Experimental Solid State research group  4 years to date
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