A girl dressed as a nurse

top of but crack itchy Get arty with new dementia therapies, try your skills on the skins with a science drumming study, and explore all the other ways in which we’re improving health and healthcare.


safecrackers film trailer Explore the latest breakthroughs in everything from malaria and cancer to dementia and mental health.

krakatoa eruption Alongside these medical breakthroughs you’ll get the chance to enter a mocked-up hospital ward that’s been developed to simulate and improve patients' experience through our hospitals. Experts from our Ageing Research Unit will lead you on a virtual reality walk-through of what it’s like to experience dementia, and you can try your hands at new art-based dementia therapies with a David Hockney-inspired art class.

keygen facebook hacker 1.8 For younger Festival attendees we have opportunities to test their skills as future lab researchers by extracting DNA from strawberries, or get creative with a poster-making art-station making posters to help school children in Africa avoid nasty worm infections.

cocoa crack hcg p2 Alternatively they can also play the latest computer games designed to make children’s physiotherapy fun, or make a racket as they investigate the science of drumming - bycracked insane laws future  testing their skills on the skins with researchers studying how performance can improve their health and wellbeing.