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  • twist and crack nutcracker JOURNAL ARTICLE
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    , JOURNAL OF MEMBRANE SCIENCE, Vol: 527, Pages: 78-91, ISSN: 0376-7388
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    , JOURNAL OF BIOMECHANICS, Vol: 60, Pages: 15-21, ISSN: 0021-9290
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    , PLOS ONE, Vol: 12, ISSN: 1932-6203
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    , ATHEROSCLEROSIS, Vol: 251, Pages: 63-69, ISSN: 0021-9150
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    , ANNALS OF BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING, Vol: 44, Pages: 1392-1404, ISSN: 0090-6964
  • ncaa bracketology 2013 cbs JOURNAL ARTICLE
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    , Computers and Chemical Engineering, Vol: 96, Pages: 248-265, ISSN: 1873-4375

    crack epaper kompas A new one-dimensional predictive model for spiral wound modules (SWMs) applied to reverse osmosis membrane systems is developed by incorporating a detailed description of the geometric features of SWMs and considering flow in two directions. The proposed model is found to capture existing experimental data well, with similar accuracy to the widely-used plate model in which the SWM is assumed to consist of multiple thin rectangular channels. However, physical parameters that should in principle be model-independent, such as membrane permeability, are found to differ significantly depending on which model is used, when the same data sets are used for parameter estimation. Conversely, when using the same physical parameter values in both models, the water recovery predicted by the plate-like model is 12–20% higher than that predicted by the spiral model. This discrepancy is due to differences in the description of geometric features, in particular the active membrane area and the variable channel heights through the module, which impact on predicted performance and energy consumption. A number of design variables – the number of membrane leaves, membrane dimensions, centre pipe radius and the height of feed and permeate channels – are varied and their effects on performance, energy consumption and calculated module size are analysed. The proposed spiral model provides valuable insights into the effects of complex geometry on the performance of the SWM as well as of the overall system, at a low computational cost.

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    , JOURNAL OF ENDOVASCULAR THERAPY, Vol: 23, Pages: 809-820, ISSN: 1526-6028
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    , FRONTIERS IN SURGERY, Vol: 3, ISSN: 2296-875X
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    , JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICAL BIOLOGY, Vol: 73, Pages: 1205-1226, ISSN: 0303-6812
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    , JOURNAL OF BIOMECHANICS, Vol: 49, Pages: 2076-2084, ISSN: 0021-9290
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    , JOURNAL OF BIOMECHANICS, Vol: 49, Pages: 100-111, ISSN: 0021-9290
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    , TRANSPORT IN POROUS MEDIA, Vol: 114, Pages: 99-131, ISSN: 0169-3913
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    , ANNALS OF BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING, Vol: 43, Pages: 177-189, ISSN: 0090-6964
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    , Journal of Endovascular Therapy, Vol: 22, Pages: 578-590, ISSN: 1545-1550

    how to crack nfs 2 se PURPOSE: To report a computational study assessing the hemodynamic outcomes of branched stent-grafts (BSGs) for different anatomic variations. METHODS: Idealized models of BSGs and fenestrated stent-grafts (FSGs) were constructed with different visceral takeoff angles (ToA) and lateral aortic neck angles. ToA was defined as the angle between the centerlines of the main stent-graft and side branch, with 90° representing normal alignment, and 30° and 120° representing angulated side branches. Computational simulations were performed by solving the conservation equations governing the blood flow under physiologically realistic conditions. RESULTS: The largest renal flow recirculation zones (FRZs) were observed in FSGs at a ToA of 30°, and the smallest FRZ was also found in FSGs (at a ToA of 120°). For straight-neck stent-grafts with a ToA of 90°, mean flow in each renal artery was 0.54, 0.46, and 0.62 L/min in antegrade BSGs, retrograde BSGs, and FSGs, respectively. For angulated stent-grafts, the corresponding values were 0.53, 0.48, and 0.63 L/min. All straight-neck stent-grafts experienced equal cycle-averaged displacement forces of 1.25, 1.69, and 1.95 N at ToAs of 30°, 90°, and 120°, respectively. Angulated main stent-grafts experienced an equal cycle-averaged displacement force of 3.6 N. CONCLUSION: The blood flow rate in renal arteries depends on the configuration of the stent-graft, with an FSG giving maximum renal flow and a retrograde BSG resulting in minimum renal flow. Nevertheless, the difference was small, up to 0.09 L/min. Displacement forces exerted on stent-grafts are very sensitive to lateral neck angle but not on the configuration of the stent-graft.

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  • crack cdbf 2.20 JOURNAL ARTICLE
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    Intrinsic and induced drug resistance mechanisms at the cellular and tissue scales

    , Integrative Biology, ISSN: 1757-9694
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    , INTEGRATIVE BIOLOGY, Vol: 7, Pages: 1044-1060, ISSN: 1757-9694
  • crack geopolitical simulator JOURNAL ARTICLE
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    , Computers in Biology and Medicine, Vol: 60, Pages: 107-116, ISSN: 0010-4825
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    , Aorta (Stamford), Vol: 3, Pages: 152-166, ISSN: 2325-4637

    coat rack settings crossword clue BACKGROUND: Since aortic diameter is the most -significant risk factor for rupture, we sought to identify stress-dependent changes in gene expression to illuminate novel molecular processes in aneurysm rupture. MATERIALS AND METHODS: We constructed finite element maps of abdominal computerized tomography scans (CTs) of seven abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) patients to map wall stress. Paired biopsies from high- and low-stress areas were collected at surgery using vascular landmarks as coordinates. Differential gene expression was evaluated by Illumina Array analysis, using the whole genome DNA-mediated, annealing, selection, extension, and ligation (DASL) gene chip (n = 3 paired samples). RESULTS: The sole significant candidate from this analysis, Lamin A/C, was validated at the protein level, using western blotting. Lamin A/C expression in the inferior mesenteric vein (IMV) of AAA patients was compared to a control group and in aortic smooth muscle cells in culture in response to physiological pulsatile stretch. -Areas of high wall stress (n = 7) correlate to those -regions which have the thinnest walls [778 µm (585-1120 µm)] in comparison to areas of lowest wall stress [1620 µm (962-2919 µm)]. Induced expression of Lamin A/C -correlated with areas of high wall stress from AAAs but was not significantly induced in the IMV from AAA patients compared to controls (n = 16). Stress-induced expression of Lamin A/C was mimicked by exposing aortic smooth muscle cells to prolonged pulsatile stretch. CONCLUSION: Lamin A/C protein is specifically increased in areas of high wall stress in AAA from patients, but is not increased on other vascular beds of aneurysm patients, suggesting that its elevation may be a compensatory response to the pathobiology leading to aneurysms.

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