stress corrosion cracking hdpe The Board meets twice a year to consider expedition proposals, this page contains the information you need to submit a proposal and to apply.

Submit your proposal

Submit your proposal

adobe audition cs6 serial number crack Every student expedition that wishes to use the College’s name must submit detailed proposals including a budget, itinerary, training schedule, risk assessment to the Exploration Board.

my parrot has a cracked beak Every expedition is normally questioned on their submission on three occasions, twice by the full Board and lastly by the officers of the Board in the summer just prior to the departure of the expedition.

cadprofi 8 keygen The Board will give approval only if it is satisfied with the planning and preparation and readiness of the students and the viability of the proposals. Approval usually involves making a grant towards the costs of the expedition.

crack acsw Students have to make a personal contribution of at least £500 each to the expedition and are responsible for raising the balance of the costs. This will involve presentations to other bodies such as the Royal Geographical Society, a task that is enhanced with the support of the Exploration Board.

ipad ssh keygen Expeditions will primarily comprise current Imperial College students but the Board may approve the inclusion of students from other universities, former Imperial students and other appropriate persons. Expeditions will sometimes include College staff, but the expedition must primarily be student oriented.

crack fashion story iphone The Board reports regularly to the Provost's Board.

Application information

Dates of meetings

crack do kangurka kao 2 download The Board meets twice a year to consider proposals submitted to it and decisions to recognise expeditions as official College ventures are usually made at a meeting held in the autumn term.

crack jagged alliance 2 wildfire In many cases recognition carries with it a grant towards the cost (most expeditions also receive support in the form of money or equipment from sources outside the College). A variety of equipment is held for loan to approved expeditions and the Board accepts responsibility for adequately insuring the personnel and equipment for these expeditions.

fallout 3 goty skidrow crack crack mickey epic 2 Please note: Proposals for expeditions must reach the Secretary as follows.

  • 17.00 Wednesday 21 November 2018 for the December meeting
  • 17.00 Wednesday 06 February 2019 for the February meeting

escan iss 11 crack The next two meetings will take place at 14.00 on:

  • Wednesday 05 December 2018
  • Wednesday 20 February 2019

Board equipment list


  • 1 Terra Nova Quasar
  • 1 Terra Nova Quasar etc
  • 1 Terra Nova Ultra Quasar
  • 8 Vango Force Ten


  • 5 Prima Optimus paraffin stoves
  • 2 Camping Gaz (Butane)
  • 1 MSR XGK-11 Shaker Jet
  • 2 MSR Dragonfly

Other assorted equipment

  • 1 MSR Water Filter
  • 7 Cooksets (pots and pans)
  • 5 Coleman Lanterns (Kerosene)
  • 1 10-litre Jerrican
  • 5 50-litre Drums (Used previously to carry food supplies and/or equipment)
  • 6 Mallets
  • 2 Hatchets
  • 1 Saw
  • 1 Salinity Meter

Sources of funding

free all crack download Once the Exploration Board has granted full approval to a student expedition, a financial grant will normally be made by the Board.

resco keyboard pro 6 keygen rar This will usually facilitate application to other potential sources some of which are listed here:

crack soldier of fortune 2 double helix Other potential sources of funds and support will be industry, firms supplying expedition equipment, BBC, Newspapers and Radio Stations local to expedition participants' home towns, former schools of expedition participants.