hitman absolution crack rutor If you are setting up a new service, system or piece of equipment, you may need to set an outgoing mail (SMTP) server to send automated emails. Examples include:

  • cloud hosted services, e.g MailChimp;
  • equipment monitoring software, e.g. freezer alarms;
  • hosted servers.

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Sending mail internally

un pacchetto di crackers quante calorie contiene comment mettre un crack dans un jeux Use automail.cc.ic.ac.uk to send automated email within the College network, unless you are configuring a Linux mail service, then use smarthost.cc.ic.ac.uk.crack of fifa world cup 2006

Internal email acc widget


  • For internal use only. Not suitable for machines used off-site (e.g.  laptops).
  • Available only on port 25. Authentication and TLS are not required.
  • Errors are not generated at SMTP time.
  • Bounces are directed to the owner of the machine.


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Sending mail externally

descargar winzip con serial y crack gratis Use smtp.cc.ic.ac.uk if you need to send email outside College and are able to authenticate to do so.

External email acc widget


  • Requires authentication with a valid College account. A role account is required for use by externally hosted systems.
  • Clients should be configured to use TLS and authentication.
  • Available on submission port (587) as well as the standard SMTP port (25).
  • Also available on port 465 (TLS-on-connect) for clients which don't support STARTTLS.
  • May be accessed externally without need for VPN connection.